Welcome to Shreveport / Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers. Here you can view our Local Most Wanted, YouTube Videos of Unknown Suspects, and Cold Cases, as well as Submit or Text a Tip. Plus we have links to several Partners in Anti-Crime, various tips on general safety, and much more.

Crime Stoppers celebrated its 35th Anniversary in March!

What We Mean by Anonymous

Anonymous means that your name is not known nor made public. It is vital to us that our programs guarantee anonymity. If the identity of one of our tipsters was made known against his or her will, it would destroy the trust Crime Stoppers has worked so hard to build with its communities.

  • You will never be asked for your name.
  • Your call will not be recorded.
  • Numbers and online tips are not traced.
  • You don’t have to make a statement to police.
  • You will not appear in court.


How to Offer Cash Reward

Richard Masten feels uneasy whenever he sees a missing-pet sign — the kind with the tear-off phone numbers, the animal’s photograph, the owner’s address, the promises of $100 or $1,000. ‘‘You’re basically saying, ‘Here’s where I live, I have lots of cash, come steal it,’’’ he says. If you want to offer money, do it without endangering yourself.

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