Improving Security for Homeowners and Neighborhoods

  • Minimize dark areas where prowlers, burglars, or trouble can hide in your yard adjacent to house.
  • Make known to neighbors that you want to be called if they suspect trouble in the neighborhood.
  • Make sure all access and egress paths are covered and that you are aware of any potential issues.
  • Fences and gates need to do what’s intended.

Great Advice for Placing & Planning Home Security Cameras

This “Top 4 Tips on Where to Place Home Security Cameras” article by Amanda Li at the website of security equipment vendor Reolink® gives valuable advice, complete with photos and other illustrations. (Note that Shreveport / Caddo Parish Crimestoppers does not endorse any particular security equipment or service vendors.)

Ms. Li’s four tips are summarized below, but do read the article for the details.

  1. Ask Questions about Planning Security Camera Placement.
  2. Avoid the Most Common Mistakes when Positioning and Installing a Security Camera at Home.
  3. The Best Locations and Positions for Your Camera Suggested
  4. Check Home Security Camera Placement Laws.